Regal Content: 5 quick-fire questions about the ‘NKOTB’

At Regal Content, we understand that we’re the ‘NKOTB’ in the content writing business (that’s New Kids On The Block for those of you born after 1984). So, we thought we’d take some time out to introduce ourselves and our brand new blog, Mint.

Welcome to the realm of Regal Content!

1. Who are we?

We’re straight shooters, but we’ve got two sides to us (both of them good, we promise).

By night, we’re humble content writers and, by day, we’re a rock star team of ‘Content Kings’ and ‘Queens.’ (Not exactly modest titles, but we do work at Regal Content, after all.)

We’ve written ‘killer’ content for a bunch of the world’s biggest brands. Come to think of it, you probably know (and love) some of them.

At Regal Content, our aim is simple – to make your brand reign supreme by creating content that’s fit for a king...or queen.

2. What do we do?


Content writing really is our bread and butter (but we try not to lay it on too thick).

Your brand has a powerful story and we specialise in telling the tale to increase your sales.

From website copy to whitepapers, we’ve got all your content bases covered.


We’re in the business of branding.

Whether you’re after a brilliant business name or a superb strap line, creative content is at the heart of branding and we want our content to make your heart skip a beat (cheesy, but true).

3. Which brands have we worked with?

We’ve written content for some hot new start-ups, a few global powerhouses and all sorts in between.

Big or small, emerging or established brands, we’d love to work with you!

4. How do we work?

For an up close and personal look at how we roll at Regal Content, why not check out our explainer video on YouTube? (Our intro video will be over before you can say “Gone in 60 Seconds.”)

5. Why should you read our blog?

Our blog, which we’ve decided to call Mint (think ‘Royal Mint’ and ‘Mint condition’ but punchier), is for people who know that cool content converts browsers into buyers.

Fancy feasting your eyes on all the latest content and branding hints, tips, news and views? Make Mint your must-read blog today! Head on over to our place at

It’s mint (even if we do say so ourselves).

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